BBM Shopping Purchase Conversion

October 2017

Researcher: Meidirasari Putri

Based on the performance of 5 funnels in BBM, users are most likely to drop from Category page to Product Detail page (98.12% bounce rate), and from Search Result page to Product Detail Page (93.02% bounce rate). In this research project, BBM and Bukalapak team are collaborating to improve the user journey from Search funnel and Category funnel, in order to minimise the bounce rate from those funnels.

Research Question
  1. Why users drop off Category or Search Result page in BBM channel?
  2. How to improve the buying journey of Search funnel or Category funnel in BBM channel?
  3. Where is the best placement for Buyer-Seller chat to improve purchase conversion?

Research Objective
  • To examine common usability flow while purchasing products

  • To understand user behaviour when they were on Search and Category Page

  • To examine best placement and discoverability for buyer-seller chat.

  1. Pre and Post User Interview + Usability Testing (6 participants)
  2. Napkin Test

According to Schade (2014), online shoppers would be grouped into 5 different types, which are: Product Focused, Browsers, Researchers, Bargain Hunters and One-time Shoppers. Those were ordered by their tendency of purchasing a product.
After interviewing participants, they could be classified into those type of shoppers.


Shopping Journey

At the beginning, we assumed that users would prefer to use Search than Category. Eventually, the majority of participants (4/6) started from unexpected place. This might be also because of the majority of participants were at Browsers-Researchers Stage (see previous Result: The Shoppers). Those people who like to look at as many options as possible before they decide to purchase the products.


Most of participants were frustrated, when they could not go back or find a way, from detail/product page to homepage or category page. In this case, user were disappointed when they did not have any choice but close button at the right top, it would take them to Discovery Page.

Confusing UI

Please do not look at the hottest area! Apparently, the other area might attract users to complete particular task on test. In this case, team assume that user might be doubtful about buttons, sections or something else. Users tend to try every button that possibly clickable.


To improve the main navigation

People are frustrated when they could not find a way to go back to previous page or homepage.

Action plan:
An additional navigation bar should be on the top of each category to make users move to another places easily, even to go back to Homepage.

To have a coach mark or tool-tip

If we assume that the majority of BBM users are at Researchers-stage, they might tend to purchase products anytime. It might be today, tomorrow, next week or even in six months (Schade, 2014). At this stage, users might visit multiple sites, where they would learn right price and right combination of feature itself.

Category might be the right feature to be explored for this kind of users. However, how to educate users to learn or do research through Category?.

Action plan:
Coach mark would be the one of ideas to educate users. It would push the users to focus on particular thing.

Getting familiar with BBM Shopping

People are not still familiar with BBM Shopping. How to encourage people make BBM Shopping as a new option for online shopping?

Action plan:
To highlight more promo banners on Chat and Discover screen. Additionally, to put close button on the banner.

To improve the search performance

On the other hand, what if the users are in Product Based-stage? In this case, users might depend on Search, where it should help them to find the product immediately. The goal is speed. Search performance could be related to filter and sort-feature.

Action plan:
According to Khan (2013), there should be different treatment for new and returning users. Sorting by Popularity might be suitable for new visitors, while Newest Arrivals for returning visitors. Moreover sorting by Ascending Price for users who come from particular product mentioned “low price” or “special price”.