The User Experience -

June 2018

Researcher: Meidirasari Putri

Early 2018, just had a refreshment for its brand and the whole team decided to bring to be the greatest Online Video Platform, which delivers the curated-qualified contents and the biggest TV Market place in Indonesia.

This project aims to create The User Experience Map that should help Product teams in exploring user needs while accessing

Research Question:
What do the users need exactly while accessing (especially for Sport Addict and Drama Addict users)?

Research type:
  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Explorative

  • Trend review
  • Brainstorming and UX Map Exercise
  • Survey and User Interview

UX Map Exercise

Dump you assumptions!

A workshop has been conducted to gather all of our assumptions to be validated to real users. All of ideas were grouped into three parts: Attitude, Behavioural and Feature

Data Collection


At the mean time, team also have blasted the survey through social media to : super users, loyal users and all users.

This kind of survey aims to not only for gathering personal and user behaviour data, but also to invite them participating in product development.

User Interview

A set of guideline discussion prepared for user interview. Selected users from previous survey were invited to join product discussion.

Data Analytic Team

We also get a lot of help from Data Analyst team to gather user data through Google Analytic.

What data said about the users?
  1. The majority of users are people who like to watch Live Streaming (Event and TV)
  2. Push Notifications bring great impact to influece users watching from
  3. Several factors that persuade users spending time on show/video duration, used quota while watching, watching moment.
  4. Users are familiar with the brand for watching local short movies.
  5. Most of users are not so sure if switchs to be more premium video platform.
  6. Returning sport addict users find that Live Chat feature are fun.

(UI/UX Team © June, 2018)

The Drama Addict

The Drafts

Drama Addict User Experience Map

The Drama Addict User Maturity Level

The Sport Addict

Sport Addict User Experience Map

The Sport Addict User Maturity Level

So, what next?
After mapping all of the results on each user experience map, team might work more effectively. In this case, product team shoul point out the potentials, then prioritise them as stories on product development.