Timbuktu Project — CREA SUMMER ACADEMY 2015


This project is a part of CREA Summer Academy 2015 ( thas has been participated 9 institutions from 8 European countries. CREA aims to strengthen entrepreneurship in innovative sectors by using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and creativity. They also provided workshops to challenge every participant to explore their skills from idea, market opportunities, to conceptualisation and planning and finally to the start-up of a new company. CREA is a competition where qualified juries would select the best idea and pitch it front of possible investors.

Regarding to CREA Summer Academy 2015, our team particapated the event by introducting Timbuktu Project. Timbuktu is a part of a Ph.D. project conducted by the School of Design at Northumbria University, UK. This project aims a citizens’ practice of design for changing unsustainable lifestyles to nurturing sustainable and enabled lives. Timbuktu enables cycling citizen scientists to create ‘Open Big Data’ on potholes to campaign for a national sustainable transport policy. CREA gave the opportunity for our team to optimise the project and expand our ideas to bring new technology for cyclists’ comfort, not only in the UK but also in the Europe.

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